I'm A Little Bit Lonely These Days.

by Punk Girls

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released January 30, 2013



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Punk Girls Michigan

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Track Name: Where Does A Thought Go When It's Forgotten?
I've said these words before.
And my fingers have dug into my sides like this before.

I've felt these feelings that I feel right now.

We could have been "suspended like spirits."
I would watch the red lights change to green then yellow then back to red reflected on your face.
You could watch the color flush from mine as your fingers leave mine alone.
You could watch the color bleed from my life as you leave me alone.

Do you remember the way my calloused fingertips felt against your face?
Because I remember the way you felt against them.

And do you remember the way you told me you loved me at the top of my stairs?
Because I remember dreaming of throwing myself down them when you told me that feeling had disappeared.

How could you let me go?
Track Name: Heavens
And when I come crashing down from the heavens
This life I lead shall be my hell.

And the worst of all is knowing there is still so much further I can sink.
Track Name: Love Like The Stars.
If I asked you to love me like the stars, would you?
Would you love me seemingly endlessly?
Until one day we burn out and not a single soul notices?

"The constellations are what we see."
"We have no time for such minute things."

But I've got hours and you're forgetful.

You said it yourself.
"I'll break your heart."
I think that's the one quality I look for.

Sometimes I believe I desire heartache, misery, despair.
I always put myself in the position to experience those, I guess.